Cocconi & Cocconi


Dr. Cocconi and his collaborators (specifically Annamaria Carpineta, Dr. Caruso, Dr. Iorio and Dr. Gherardi) provide their customers with any audit related services. These types of service include:

• accounting auditing and control (i.e. partial or thorough audits of balance sheet in accordance with national and international accounting standards; accounting control; volunteer and legal tasks; administrative and accounting check-ups; support for the company being audited);

• internal auditing (i.e. the enhancement of the internal auditor’s function and internal auditing business outsourcing actions);

• ) the analysis and the definition of internal control procedures (i.e. procedural analyses aimed at improving internal control and risk management);

• due diligences (i.e. for the evaluation of an acquisition and disposal of companies and/or support for companies subject to due diligences);

• support provided to the Board of Auditors (i.e. the conduct and officialization of reviews delegated to the Auditor’s Collaborator, according to audit techniques and procedures).

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