Cocconi & Cocconi


The Firm has gained significant experience in all aspects of labour law; the Firm’s lawyers deal with such issues, particularly but not exclusively, for large companies, counting over 500 proceedings for AMA s.p.a., ATAC s.p.a. and LAit s.p.a. (now Laziocrea s.p.a.), constantly offering clients legal support as well as consultancy and advice related to labour issues, union negotiations such as contract renewals, collective redundancies, layoffs, corporate mergers and/or transfers, or crisis and/or liquidation phases;

furthermore, the Firm guarantees consultancy concerning social and contribution-related legislation and subsequent services thereof and thoroughly manages employees, from recruitment to termination stages, covering all legal, social and tax aspects as well as payroll and tax processing; such services are provided to private companies (small, medium and large), as well as public bodies, including privates held by public bodies.