Cocconi & Cocconi

corporate & tax advice; due diligences; acquisitions

Both founding partners of the Firm deal with corporate and tax advice, as well as being members of the BoD for a number of leading companies; furthermore, along with some of his main collaborators, Dr. Cocconi has also been the president and/or member of the board of auditors for over 50 companies (cf. c.v.). The following are among the companies that have included or include the Firm’s professionals: Farmacap and SAR s.r.l. (held by Roma Capitale), Cesi s.p.a. (held by Terna s.p.a. and Enel s.p.a.), Selenia Mobile s.p.a., ASM Rieti s.p.a., Palexpo and Ares 118, Ipab Viterbo, Sparkle s.p.a. (Gruppo Telecom s.p.a), Persidera s.p.a (Gruppo Telecom s.p.a.), and Timvision s.r.l. (Gruppo Telecom s.p.a), Orizzonti Sistemi Navali s.p.a. (Fincantieri/Leonardo);

the Firm has also gained extensive experience in due diligences, verifying the tax, legal and accounting position of target companies involved in extraordinary business operations (such as acquisitions, mergers and underwritings), and, therefore, in tax risk and assets assessment, as well as assessment of existing licenses/concessions, including administrative ones, analysis of contracts and active and passive disputes, as well as advice in pre-negotiation and negotiation stages, preliminary to debt restructuring and/or drawing up of business plans pursuant to articles 67 and 161 and/or 182 bis l.f., alongside corporate crisis management; in such field, Dr. Cocconi has often acted as a certifier (cf. c.v.);

moreover, the Firm and, above all, its Partners, as well as having refined numerous acquisitions and/or disposals of shareholdings, businesses and/or companies, deal with tax-related matters, including international ones, ranging from planning phases to the examination of various elements, and, with specific reference to business advice, providing support in business set up, ordinary and extraordinary corporate decisions and in compiling phases of due diligences and/or expert appraisals;