Cocconi & Cocconi


The Firm’s lawyers hold extensive experience in administrative law, offering advice and support to individuals and businesses, as well as in the public administration field in terms of tenders and contracts, public works for the award of services and/or supplies, as well as in the sector of concessions and public and private partnership proceedings, also with reference to "project financing" both in terms of preliminary consultancy for R.U.P. related assistance throughout tender procedures, and in contracts and any subsequent litigation; in particular, the Firm has offered its support not only to LAit s.p.a. (now Laziocrea s.p.a.) but also to the Port Authority of the Western Sicilian Sea, assisting the R.U.P. in public procedures, as well as in favour of the Municipality of Caserta; the law firm also provides consultancy and assistance for urban planning and construction with specific reference to territorial planning and disputes, cancellation and/or refusal of administrative licenses, building permits, building amnesties and commercial licenses; moreover, it deals with administrative concessions, specifically concerning those relating to state property, and has gained extensive experience in the field of expropriation proceedings;